About Laser Hair Removal Services

 Our GentleMax lasers are the GOLD STANDARD in hair removal technology.

Fully equipped with Alexandrite and YAG lasers, we can safely, effectively and comfortably treat patients with all skin types.

Our protocols are customized for you and your specific needs. We always guarantee amazing results with our proven technique. Say goodbye to the razor and never have to shave again.

Satisfaction guaranteed!

laser body hair removal

What will my skin look like after treatment?

In most people there is no sign that a treatment has been done. 

 How do I know if I’m a good candidate for laser hair removal?

If you are concerned about unwanted hair, you are probably a good candidate for laser hair removal.  Although nearly everyone is a candidate for hair removal, the most dramatic results occur for patients with light skin and dark hair.

Other factors can influence the treatment process and are evaluated during your initial consultation.

 How many treatments will I need?

The average person needs six treatments.  How many treatments you will need will depend on your number of growth cycles and how hair-free you wish to be.  Because a hair follicle can only be destroyed in an “active growth” cycle, your treatments will be timed to destroy the most hair follicles with each visit.  Usually, treatments will be 4 to 8 weeks apart. 

 If you stop watering a plant today it will not die the next day.  A follicle that has been damaged from the heat of the laser will also take time to shrivel up and die.  You will lose your hair in 2-3 weeks after your treatment. 

Can I pluck or wax my hair between treatments?

No.  Plucking or waxing pulls the hair out of the follicle and may disrupt the growth cycle. You many trim or shave as much as you wish between treatments.  Shaving does not change the type of hair that you grow.