Eyebrow Microblading is a type of  SEMI-permanent makeup that delivers natural-looking eyebrows with fine individual hairs. This specialist technique adds pigment beneath the upper reticular layer of the skin for a permanent naturally defined eyebrow shape.


Permanent makeup will add balance to your face and the confidence that comes with it.  Our specialty is to enhance your appearance by working with colors and designs to blend naturally with your skin tone.  Whether it is your eyes, lips, or complimenting your hair, your best features will sparkle.  You really can enjoy the look you want which will truly transform your face and skin, and change your daily life for the better, never having to worry about your makeup smearing or rubbing off.

During your initial consultation, Rebecca will meet with you to discuss exactly what you hope to achieve, and she will offer her expert opinions to ensure you are delighted with the outcome.  After you express your personal desires, she will apply topical makeup to show you what to expect.   In most instances, women choose to have their procedures done immediately. However, if you prefer to take some time to make your final decision, you are free to do so.